192.168.o.1 is actually, and we know that you are well aware of it. By Default, when you enter in the URL bar of the browser and hit enter, it will think of it as an IP address and you won’t be able to search for it, instead, you will see a login page and that’s why people have to search 192.168.o.1 instead of

Maybe you want to know the purpose of this IP address, or you want to know the default username and password for this IP address. Let’s give it a name. is actually a Router configuration panel. So, we’ll call it router configuration panel from now on.

If you are looking for username and password to log in for the first time, It’s probably given in the user manual you got with the router, or you can scroll down a bit to get your answer. First of all, If you don’t know what exactly is, let us explain you more about it, in brief. It’s essential to know!


192.168.o.1 in Brief

192.168.l.l is the IP address to access your Router configuration panel as we mentioned earlier. When you visit this IP address in your browser, you’ll see –not so good looking– login page which opens up the whole panel. Using this panel, you can manage devices connected to your router, how much bandwidth they are using, how much data they’ve consumed and much more. I’ll explain everything in detail, soon!

You can even reset the password for your Wi-Fi network and configure your settings for the first time when you get the internet connection at your home by your ISP (Internet service provider). is not the only IP address used to access the Router configuration panel. So, if you are not able to access it with this IP address, let us inform you that different router companies use different IP addresses for their router configuration panel. We have a router made by a company named Digisol and here is the link to the router. We have a different address to access our router configuration panel. It is

Keep reading or scroll down a bit to find out the IP address of your Router configuration panel.

Here is how our login screen to our Router configuration panel looks like. (Yours must be similar as these companies don’t pay attention to designing because data and accuracy are more important things here.).